Saturday, November 10, 2018

Five Nights at Freddy's - Series Blacklight 1 - Introduction

In 2017, Funko released a set of Five Nights at Freddy's (FNaF) plushies which glow under blacklight. They were vibrant, neon variations of previous plushies, mostly of Freddy and Foxy. They were Funko original creations in terms of color choices. Later in 2018 Funko took this to a new height with more merchandise of blacklight variants for figures, POP figures, and mystery minis. The range of characters and colors was wider this time around. The mystery minis were repaints of the Series 1 mystery minis similar to the Glow Series. Below are some promotional images of the minis.
(Sources listed at the bottom, marked with [x])

Twitter Promotional Image
Retail Case
Promotional Image

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Five Nights at Freddy's Mystery Minis - Series 3 - Review (Part 2), Conclusion

(If you haven't already, feel free to check out the Introduction Post and Part 1)

In the last review, we went over the first 12 figures in the FNaF Series 3 Mystery Minis. These last 9 are based off of artwork for characters in the FNaF: The Silver Eyes and FNaF: The Twisted Ones. The artwork for the three toys in The Silver Eyes (who also were in The Twisted Ones) were posted in The Freddy Files book. The artwork for the five Twisted animatronics were based off the promotional artwork used for the books. The only one I am not sure on is the Springtrap. There is no (published) promotional art for him besides the recent The Fourth Closet poster artwork. The figure itself seems to be based off his demise in The Silver Eyes versus his resurgence in The Twisted Ones in my opinion due to the anguished look on him. Based off that alone I'll say he's based off The Silver Eyes appearance.

Anyways, enough rambling about continuity and designs, onto the review!

Character: Theodore
Appearance: FNaF: TSE
Rarity: 1/24 (Gamestop only)
This is the decrepit, toy rabbit Charlie owns in The Silver Eyes book. As stated at the top of the post, it's based off the artwork in The Freddy Files. The figure translates well from that artwork and still maintains the style of the mystery minis. It's not small like Plushtrap, but more the size of Toy Bonnie. It's a great figure and has nice, simple details (such as the cracks around the design). The nose on the ones I got were always off-center. I can't tell if that was a factory error or intentional for the design, but just something to note. It's my favorite of the three toy designs!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Five Nights at Freddy's Mystery Minis - Series 3 - Review (Part 1)

(If you haven't already, feel free to check out the Introduction Post)

In this review, I'll be going over the first part of the FNaF Series 3 Mystery Minis. This series included characters from (inhale):
• Five Nights at Freddy's 2 (FNaF 2)
• Five Nights at Freddy's 4 (FNaF 4)
• FNaF 4: Halloween Update (FNaF 4: HU)
• FNaF: Sister Location (FNaF: SL)
• FNaF: Sister Location: Custom Night Update (FNaF: SL: CNU)
• FNaF: The Silver Eyes (FNaF: TSE)
• FNaF: The Twisted Ones (FNaF: TTO)
(exhale) Whew! What a varied wave! I'll go through each character based on their first appearance in the games or date (with some flexibility). I'll start with the first 12 (based off the games), then finish off with the last 9 in the next review (based off the novel illustrations). Hope you enjoy!

Note: Some of the names I'm listing are not official. They are sometimes based off what I think is most appropriate, or what other more official sources may call them (ex. Scott Cawthon, Funko, Quidd).

Character: Shadow Bonnie / RXQ / RXQFAFSXC
Appearance: FNaF 2
Rarity: 1/36 (Gamestop Only)
This is based off Shadow Bonnie (aka RXQ or RXQFAFSXC) from FNaF 2. There was a Shadow Bonnie in Series 1 based off the FNaF 3 minigame version. This one is a great figure based on the design and likeness! There's a subtle two tone black only noticeable up close. My only nit-pick are the claws instead of normal hands. Shadow Bonnie was basically a recolored Toy Bonnie (who didn't have claws). Maybe that design choice was to make him more intimidating? Otherwise it's spot on, making him a favorite of mine!

Holiday Post: Halloween Toys 2018

Hello all,

It's Halloween night in 2018, so now I'm going to post some Halloween movie related toylines, including some lesser known ones! There are a lot out there, but I'll only be focusing on some big ones and obscure ones. I'll link to various blogs and resources for these figures. Please check them out if you want to learn more!
(Note: I posted this somewhere else in the past, but I'm in a rush so I'll just copy+paste what I said before...)

Friday, October 19, 2018

News Post - Fall/Winter 2018

Hello out there,

It's been awhile since I've made a blog post. Due to life circumstances again, I haven't been able to make posts on here. I have worked on some, and have been wanting to update it, but opportunities have been far and few between. This should change in the next few weeks.

Halloween is approaching and I can't wait! I've got the FNaF Series 3 review coming soon in anticipation for the upcoming Series 4 and Black Lights. I was supposed to have Godzilla chibi reviews up, but I may save those for late 2018/early 2019. I'll post a unique Halloween post this year about Horror Movie toy lines. I hope you look forward to that too!

In the mean time, have a good time! Thanks for checking in!